1981 Ultra Rare Isle of Man 38mm Louis Braille Commemorative Coin. First Ever Coin With Actual Braille on the Face. Made of Copper and Nickel

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This very rare coin was minted by the Isle of Man in 1981. Many think that the United States silver 2009 Louis Braille coin was the first coin to ever have Braille actually right on the face of the coin but that is not the case. This coin by the Isle of Man which is part of the UK was the first ever coin to have Braille on the face of the coin. This coin was done to commemorate the International year of the disabled in 1981. There were only 50,000 of the copper/nickel variety made and only 15,000 of the solid silver variety made. We were able to get our hands on a small number of these coins and anyone that is a coin collector or a Braille item collector will want to have this must have coin for their collection. One side of this 38mm vcoin depicts Queen Elizabeth and the other side has a picture of Louis Braille with actual Braille writing next to him. This is a beautiful coin and is indeed the very first ever coin with Braille on it. Being that it is 1 crown and 38mm, the detail is outstanding and raised and easy to feel.

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