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Wearable Bluetooth Speaker With Clip, Water and Dust Resistance, and Built In Charging Plug. Great for The Victor Reader Trek, GPS, Exercising, and Clipping on to Lapels, Bags, Pockets, Pants, etc.

This is the world’s first truly wearable Bluetooth speaker that clips securely to your clothing and seamlessly integrates with how you move, safely balancing all your audio with your immediate surroundings. It Features a durable enclosure, spring steel clip, speakerphone capability, and a standard USB for on-the-go charging.
Product information
Wireless Micro wearable Bluetooth speaker that clips securely to your clothing, safely balancing your music with your immediate surroundings.
•Durable enclosure keeps the tunes on full Blast for any adventure.
•Spring steel clip slips securely to any apparel—fasten it to your shirt collar for optimal performance
•Take hands-free calls and Talk safely on any adventure whether on a bike, in the car or wherever the journey leads
•Standard USB with hinged cap for a quick and easy on-the-go charging
Battery playback time: 3 hours
Dust and Water Resistant
Product Dimensions
3 x 1.4 x 0.8 inches 
Item Weight
1.3 ounces

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Rechargeable Bluetooth Audio Receiver. Make Any Device With a 3.5mm Jack Bluetooth Capable and Compatible

Makes any media device with a 3.5mm jack Bluetooth-capable
Receives music from Bluetooth sources such as Smartphones
Enhanced audio quality
Works with new and used media devices
Wireless range: up to 30 ft
Plugs into any 3.5mm jack
Up to 12 hours of audio on full charge
Charges in 2to 3 hours via included USB cable
Automatic power-off memory function
LED indicator
Answer/Hang up calls or play and pause music.

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Genuine Apple Brand Aluminum Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard

This Genuine Apple Brand wireless keyboard is the ultimate accessory for the professional setting or your home office. This Apple wireless keyboard is composed of aluminum, making it extremely lightweight and portable, whether traveling for business or heading out on vacation. This unit is compact and easy to slip into a purse, briefcase or backpack when you need to take your technology with you on the go.
This state of the art wireless keyboard has 78 keys, arranged in traditional QWERTY order, and includes hot keys so you can quickly access the functions you use most often. These keyboard shortcuts help enhance your navigation skills and allow you to become more efficient at computer tasks. This keyboard also has special function keys to control brightness, volume, video playback, etc. Other wireless keyboards on the market can have a lag time between when you make your keystrokes and when your type appears onscreen, but the Apple wireless keyboard eliminates this problem. The other keyboards use a slower USB connection, while the Apple wireless keyboard communicates with your screen using fast, forward thinking Bluetooth technology. The Apple MC184LL/A wireless keyboard works with your device via Bluetooth connection, and is compatible with all Apple devices such as the iPad and Mac computer.
Bluetooth Technology
Anodized Aluminum
30ft Distance
White and Silver
Ultra-thin design
Does Not Include 2 AA Batteries
Condition: New in bulk packaging

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Sol Republic Around the Neck Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headphones With Sweat and Water Resistance and Amazing Sound

These Sol Republic Wireless Bluetooth Noise-Isolating In-Ear Headphones will soon become your favorite pair you've owned yet! These headphones can match with any Bluetooth-enabled device, making it easy to talk on the phone hands-free or listen music. With each charge, you'll get 8 hours of playback time or 1 week of standby time. It easily switches between calls and music and cancels out background noise and so you can make the most of your phone call or music sesh. The soft, natural-fit collar makes for a comfy and stable fit so you won't have to keep adjusting all day. Listen to your favorite music with the discreet style and comfort of SOL REPUBLIC Wireless Earbud Headphones. With Bluetooth connectivity you can leave the wires and still enjoy your favorite music. Featuring a water-resistant, fully flexible and minimalistic design, these wireless headphones rest comfortably on your neck and are ready to play music wherever you go.
For something so compact, these wireless headphones surely pack a powerful punch, delivering a balance of rich bass and detailed highs to bring out the best of all types of music.
•Pairs with up to two Bluetooth 4.0 enabled devices
•Powerful sound with a compact design
•Natural-fit collar for all-day comfort
•Long-lasting 8 hour battery life on a single charge
•Water and sweat resistant design
  •Easy access microphone and 3-button remote to control music and take phone calls.
• Includes headphones and 4 pairs of ear tips
• Wireless Bluetooth v4.0 with APTX
• Multiple-device connectivity for switching between 2 Bluetooth-enabled devices
• Features a power button, multi-function button, 2 volume buttons, and status light
• Provides up to 8 hours of playback time or 1 week of standby time on a full charge
• Soft, lightweight construction
• Noise-isolation to block out outside noise
• Up to 30' of wireless range
• Control calls and music from 3-button remote
• Biomorphic neckband
• Rich bass and detailed, clear high-end

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The Harbolt Company Angel Tree Christmas Sponsored Families

We are so blessed with everything that God has provided for us but at Christmas time, there are lots of families that aren't so fortunate. Again this year, the Harbolt Company is sponsoring 15 families picked from the local church Angel tree. We will be buying toys and goodies for the children of these families. We have some of the best customers around and know that every year when we do this you guys love to give and help out. We ask that if you find it in your heart to make a donation to help sponsor these families, then please make a donation whatever the amount. As an added bonus to help with the donations, we are doing a raffle and giving away a free 42mm Second Series Apple watch with extras. This is like new in original box and is the silver aluminum model with no scratches or dings. It will include extra watch bands. All told, the value of this would be around $400. For every $25 you donate, your name will be entered in to win this beautiful Apple watch. You can enter as many times as you want for each $25 you donate. 100 percent of these proceeds will go to buy Christmas for three families and we will give you details on what your money is buying and what ages the children are that we are buying for. We will stop accepting donations on December 18 at 8 PM central time. We will draw for the winner soon after that and announce it to the list. Christmas is truly a time for giving and we know that you guys will do so if you can. Thank you in advance for your genorosity and God bless you and your family this Christmas season..

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SoundLogic Amazon Alexa Voice Enabled WI-FI and Bluetooth Portable Speaker With 3.5mm Connection and Wireless Streaming of Music Services

This hands-free speaker can be controlled with your voice. The speaker connects to the Alexa Voice Service to play music, make calls, send and receive messages, provide information, news, sports scores, weather, and more - instantly. All you have to do is ask.
The speaker has seven microphones and beam forming technology so it can hear you from across the room - even while music is playing. This is an expertly tuned speaker that can fill any room with immersive sound. Just say the wake word Alexa" and get response instantly. If you have more than one SoundLogic XT, Alexa responds intelligently from the speaker you're closest to. Alexa is a trademark of Amazon.
Product Features
•◦Experience Amazon's Alexa voice service to play music, provide information, news, sports scores, weather, shopping, and other services
◦Controlled by your voice for hands-free convenience. Supports far-field voice recognition for easy use nearby, or across the room.
◦Connected to the Cloud for infinite uses. Constantly providing updates and always getting smarter.
◦Plays all your music from Amazon Music, Spotify, iHeartRadio, TuneIn, and more using just your voice
◦Compatible with Apple Iphone, Androids, Samsung Galaxy, Nexus, LG, And any bluetooth device. Long lasting rechargeable battery. 3.5mm Auxiliary Input Included
What you get:
USB to Micro USB charging cable
  3.5mm Aux Input.

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Personal Alert System. Summon Help From Friends and loved Ones With the Press of a Button. Includes Fall Detection, Wrist Strap, and Key Chain Holder

Introducing the ALERT Personal Emergency Response Device, a small wearable device that works with a smartphone to sound an alarm and send out urgent calls and text messages with the press of a button. Summon help wherever and whenever you should need it. The ALERT is an ergonomically designed device that can be carried discreetly in a pocket or purse, or worn with one of several accessory options such as a pendant or wristband. Belt clip sold separately.
Latest Technology
Using Bluetooth Smart (Bluetooth 4.0 LE) technology, the ALERT initiates calls and text messages from a designated smartphone (iOS or Android). With a single button press, the ALERT sends a command to your smartphone to transmit your location along with a personalized text message to up to three preselected contacts. The ALERT can even initiate follow up phone calls from your smartphone to ensure you get your contact's attention.
Peace of Mind
The ALERT has a fall detection feature that will send an alert if it detects a sudden fall that may have left the user incapable of pressing the alert button. Fully waterproof, the ALERT works in the shower and while exercising. No need to recharge as it provides up to a year of use before needing to replace the battery.
Text & Call
After pressing the button, the ALERT transmits a command to your smartphone to send a text message to your preset contacts, followed by phone calls. This alert behavior is completely customizable.
GPS Location
In addition to the alert text messages and phone calls, the location from your smartphone can be sent to your emergency contacts.
Automatic Fall Detection
The user can turn on Fall Detection to enable the alert to be sent automatically after a 60 second countdown.
Wireless Range
The ALERT must be within range of your smartphone to operate. It has a wireless range of up to 75 feet indoor or up to 300 feet outdoor using Bluetooth 4.0.
Android & iOS Compatible
The ALERT works with iPhone 4S/iOS 7 or newer and any smartphone using Android 4.3 or newer with Bluetooth 4.0. An ap is required in order to use this device. Search the ap store for valrt.
No Charging Needed
The ALERT has up to one year of battery life and powered by a standard CR2032 watch battery. The battery is removable and replaceable by the user.
Ideal for the shower or vigorous workout, the ALERT is waterproof to 3.3 feet of depth for 30 minutes.
Out-of-Range Notification
If the ALERT device travels out-of-range from the smartphone, both devices will receive an audio notification.
Compact Design
At only 1.3 inches in diameter, the ALERT can fit comfortably wherever you choose to wear it.
Accessories for Multiple Wearing Styles
Included in the box are both the Wristband and Keychain/Pendant. (Neck strap is not included.)
Silent Mode
For use as a silent alarm or panic button, the user can activate Silent Mode in the App to turn off the alarm or visual notifications.
No Monthly Fees
These features are available without any monthly service fees.
Product Features
 Texts and Calls up to 3 Contacts
 Sends Location Data
 Out-of-Range Notification
 Automatic Fall Detection
 Water-Resistant to 3.3 feet
 No Recurring Fees
 For Android and iOS
 Includes Battery, Wristband, and Key chain
What you get:
Mobil Alert Wearable Personal Help Button
Key ring/Pendant.

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True Buds Bluetooth Stereo Wireless EarBuds With Multiple Ear Tips, Ear Stabilizers, Super Sound, and a Wireless Charging Pod to Provide up to 10 hours of Listening

Always wanted Apple air pods but didn't want to pay the huge price? These are very similar and superior to the air pods in many ways!

Introducing the all new TrueBuds Wireless Stereo Earbuds! No Wire. Just buds. After charging the protective case for less than an hour, it can provide up to 4 full ear bud charges giving the headset up to 10 hours of play time! Now with its sleek lightweight design, you can take the ear buds wherever you go, never having to worry about tangled wires in your bag or pocket.
•Fully wireless

Super comfortable and lightweight fit

Use both of them for awesome stereo sound or only use one for talking or listening to a book

No wires holding them together

Audible voice feedback

Incoming caller ID announcement

Stay fit technology assures they are staying in your ears and not going anywhere

over 40 foot range

•Protective case features a battery that can charge the ear buds up to 4 times giving them a 10 hour battery life

•Noise reduction for exceptional clarity
•Deep bass response
•Special in-ear fit technology for more durability and comfort
•Bluetooth version: 4.2
•Power output: 10mW
•Speaker: D8mm*2
•Frequency response: 200HZ-200KHZ
•Battery built in earpiece: 40mAh*2
•Charging pod battery: 600mAh
•Charging time: 1 hour
•Play time per charge lasts up to 2.5 hours
•Compatible with all Bluetooth devices
Charging Pod:
•Provide up to 4 full ear bud charges while on the go
•Up to 10 hours of battery life on one charge
•Fully charges in less than an hour
Included in the box
1x pair of TrueBuds wireless bluetooth ear buds
1x Charging Pod
1x Micro USB Cable

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