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Logitech Super Slim and Spill Proof Rechargeable Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard With Protective Cover and Long Battery Life

If it's not a computer, then it's not very easy to type on! Trust us, our big fingers and the built-in autocorrect has ruined our lives more than once. That's why we avoid that on-screen keyboard as much as we can. Instead, we type on our phone, tablet, and more with this keyboard. This keyboard is designed for use with smartphones and tablets, and features a sleek and lightweight design which makes it perfect for anyone on the go. It features well-spaced keys with feedback for typing comfort, Android shortcuts for productivity, and a 3-month battery life so you can keep typing longer. Plus, it connects via Bluetooth so you never have to worry about wires, and has a durable FabricSkin that wards off dirt, crumbs, and even spills. No matter where you go, make sure you're never at a loss for words by keeping this Logitech Ultra-Portable Bluetooth Keyboard close.
•You're going places, take a keyboard
This keyboard packs light, types comfortably and never leaves you at a loss for words.
•Exactly what you expect from a Logitech keyboard
Well-spaced keys offer feedback for comfort, while keyboard shortcuts help improve productivity.
•Ease of use
The keyboard connects wirelessly thanks to Bluetooth pairing and features a 3-month rechargeable battery so you can type without worrying about a dead battery. 
•Life gets messy. Wipe it clean
The durable FabricSkin wards off dirt, crumbs, and spills no matter where you are or what you do. 
Logitech bluetooth wireless keyboard
•Charging Cable
•Color: Dark Blue
•Compatibility: Bluetooth-compatible devices (Note: Shortcut keys are only for Android devices)
•Power Source: Rechargeable battery
•Battery Life: 3 months per charge (approx)
•Dimensions: 9.53" x 5.39" x 0.24" (L x W x H, Approx)
•Weight: 6.35 oz.

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Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking 12.0 Basic Software. The Best Voice Recognition Dictation Software on the Market

Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12 Basic ignites new levels of fun and freedom by introducing you to speech recognition software for the PC. Dragon recognizes what you say and how you say it so you can interact with your computer by talking. Say words and watch them appear on your computer screen -- three times faster than typing -- with no spelling mistakes. Use your favorite applications to create documents, search the web, or network with friends and family. Dragon 12 lets you sit back, relax, and start talking to get more done on your computer than you ever imagined possible.
•Improved Accuracy: Dragon 12 delivers up to a 20% improvement in out-of-box accuracy compared to Dragon 11. This means that Dragon gets you, and you get things done, faster than ever. And when you do need to make a correction, Dragon learns, making it more accurate the more that you use it.
•Better performance: Dragon 12 boosts performance by delivering easier correction and editing options, and giving you more control over your command preferences, letting you get things done faster than ever before.
•Faster Correction: When it comes to correcting a word or phrase, Dragon now includes more choices to make it quicker and easier to make a change.
•Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12.0 Basic
System Req.
•Min Hard Disk Space:3.2 GB
•Operating System:Windows 7 or newer, plus DVD-ROM drive for installation

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Andrea Noise Isolating Super Quality Binoral Stereo Plug and Play Earbuds. Great for Recording in 3D Stereo, Skype Calls, Voice Chats, Etc

This set of Andrea noise isolating earbuds record the user’s listening environment in 3D surround sound with the placement of Binaural Stereo Microphones on each ear piece of the earbud.
•The close proximity of the microphones to the user’s left and right ears create an acoustic “Real Head Transfer Function” effect. Sound arriving at each microphone in natural phase will duplicate ones’ own live listening experience. Earbud playback then delivers a realistic sound reproduction experience.
•With Andrea headsets, you can now have a portable recording studio right on your head with the ability to create hi-fidelity 3D virtual surround sound recordings where ever you may be. Great for Skype, voice chatting, games, online chats or calls, recording live music, live audio events, live entertainment, lectures or environmental soundscapes.
•Simply insert the noise isolating earbuds and plug into your compatible stereo recording device. The earbuds provides standard 3.5mm audio plugs, one for the microphones and the other for the headphone connections as well as a USB adapter to convert these 3.5mm plugs to use in a standard USB port on a computer. This enables you to listen to music through the earbuds while using the binaural mics with your video camera.
•For use with: Go Pro Hero3 (w/Mic adapter cable), DSLR cameras, camcorders, digital field recorders, Mac and PC computers, or any recording device with external 3.5mm bias powered stereo Mic input or a USB port.
Andrea headsets deliver Hi-Definition sound. Our unique integrated array microphone system is designed for use with Andrea’s patented beam forming and digital noise reduction audio software, providing “The Freedom of Voice”. Andrea also provides a new audio capture feature, enabling 3D surround sound recording!
Advantages of the new Andrea computer headsets:
1. Sleek “boom free” design with digital noise cancellation technology
2. Increased convenience, no need to constantly manually position boom microphone for proper close talking operation.
3. Look more natural during video chat with no boom in front of your mouth and the ability to eat and drink during conversation/chat operation.
Audio recorder with stereo input for 3D surround sound recording feature.
Compatible with: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows7 Windows 8, and windows 10. Apple: MAC OS X 10.5 and up.
What's in the box:
Set of Andrea noise isolating binoral earbuds

A variety of multiple size rubber ear tips

Hard Shell leather zippered carry case
3.5mm to USB adapter
3.5mm extension cable

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