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Aroma Diffuser Kit With Diffuser and 5 Essential Oils

Enjoy the benefits of aroma therapy at home with this ultrasonic LED essential oil diffuser and set of scented oils. Create a relaxing atmosphere in your bedroom, living room, den, or anywhere else. The diffuser will, well, diffuse the aroma of whichever scented oil you choose. With a spa-like look that compliments any decor and a soothing LED light, this 80ml diffuser will blend in seamlessly with your surroundings, doing its job while not disturbing anyone. Create a cozy, relaxed vibe in your living space and breathe a little easier.
• Made with acrylic + ABS + PP (anticorrosion)
• 2.7oz (80ml) capacity diffuser tank
• LED lights
• Sleep mode
• Power: DC 5v, 4w, 1A
• Noise: <35dB (A)
• Measures 3" x 3" x 3"
• Weighs 1lb
Deos Therapy essential oils:
• 1.35oz each
• Amber-colored essential oil bottles protect against light degradation
• 100% pure: no additives, fillers, bases, carriers; therapeutic-grade quality; no pesticides, herbicides, GMOs
• Use essential oils for aromatherapy, custom massage and body oils, vaporizers, diffusers, oil burners, inhalation, perfume, blends, spa and home care, cleaning products
• Important information: for external use only
• Proudly packaged in the USA with oils imported from around the world
• Diffuser
• 10ml lavender essential oil
• 10ml eucalyptus essential oil
• 10ml peppermint essential oil
• 10ml lemon essential oil
• 10ml orange essential oil

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The Harbolt Company Angel Tree Christmas Sponsored Families

We are so blessed with everything that God has provided for us but at Christmas time, there are lots of families that aren't so fortunate. Again this year, the Harbolt Company is sponsoring 15 families picked from the local church Angel tree. We will be buying toys and goodies for the children of these families. We have some of the best customers around and know that every year when we do this you guys love to give and help out. We ask that if you find it in your heart to make a donation to help sponsor these families, then please make a donation whatever the amount. As an added bonus to help with the donations, we are doing a raffle and giving away a free 42mm Second Series Apple watch with extras. This is like new in original box and is the silver aluminum model with no scratches or dings. It will include extra watch bands. All told, the value of this would be around $400. For every $25 you donate, your name will be entered in to win this beautiful Apple watch. You can enter as many times as you want for each $25 you donate. 100 percent of these proceeds will go to buy Christmas for three families and we will give you details on what your money is buying and what ages the children are that we are buying for. We will stop accepting donations on December 18 at 8 PM central time. We will draw for the winner soon after that and announce it to the list. Christmas is truly a time for giving and we know that you guys will do so if you can. Thank you in advance for your genorosity and God bless you and your family this Christmas season..

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Personal Alert System. Summon Help From Friends and loved Ones With the Press of a Button. Includes Fall Detection, Wrist Strap, and Key Chain Holder

Introducing the ALERT Personal Emergency Response Device, a small wearable device that works with a smartphone to sound an alarm and send out urgent calls and text messages with the press of a button. Summon help wherever and whenever you should need it. The ALERT is an ergonomically designed device that can be carried discreetly in a pocket or purse, or worn with one of several accessory options such as a pendant or wristband. Belt clip sold separately.
Latest Technology
Using Bluetooth Smart (Bluetooth 4.0 LE) technology, the ALERT initiates calls and text messages from a designated smartphone (iOS or Android). With a single button press, the ALERT sends a command to your smartphone to transmit your location along with a personalized text message to up to three preselected contacts. The ALERT can even initiate follow up phone calls from your smartphone to ensure you get your contact's attention.
Peace of Mind
The ALERT has a fall detection feature that will send an alert if it detects a sudden fall that may have left the user incapable of pressing the alert button. Fully waterproof, the ALERT works in the shower and while exercising. No need to recharge as it provides up to a year of use before needing to replace the battery.
Text & Call
After pressing the button, the ALERT transmits a command to your smartphone to send a text message to your preset contacts, followed by phone calls. This alert behavior is completely customizable.
GPS Location
In addition to the alert text messages and phone calls, the location from your smartphone can be sent to your emergency contacts.
Automatic Fall Detection
The user can turn on Fall Detection to enable the alert to be sent automatically after a 60 second countdown.
Wireless Range
The ALERT must be within range of your smartphone to operate. It has a wireless range of up to 75 feet indoor or up to 300 feet outdoor using Bluetooth 4.0.
Android & iOS Compatible
The ALERT works with iPhone 4S/iOS 7 or newer and any smartphone using Android 4.3 or newer with Bluetooth 4.0. An ap is required in order to use this device. Search the ap store for valrt.
No Charging Needed
The ALERT has up to one year of battery life and powered by a standard CR2032 watch battery. The battery is removable and replaceable by the user.
Ideal for the shower or vigorous workout, the ALERT is waterproof to 3.3 feet of depth for 30 minutes.
Out-of-Range Notification
If the ALERT device travels out-of-range from the smartphone, both devices will receive an audio notification.
Compact Design
At only 1.3 inches in diameter, the ALERT can fit comfortably wherever you choose to wear it.
Accessories for Multiple Wearing Styles
Included in the box are both the Wristband and Keychain/Pendant. (Neck strap is not included.)
Silent Mode
For use as a silent alarm or panic button, the user can activate Silent Mode in the App to turn off the alarm or visual notifications.
No Monthly Fees
These features are available without any monthly service fees.
Product Features
 Texts and Calls up to 3 Contacts
 Sends Location Data
 Out-of-Range Notification
 Automatic Fall Detection
 Water-Resistant to 3.3 feet
 No Recurring Fees
 For Android and iOS
 Includes Battery, Wristband, and Key chain
What you get:
Mobil Alert Wearable Personal Help Button
Key ring/Pendant.

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Franklin Language Master LM6000 Special Edition Talking Dicgtionary Plus Much More.

This is the Franklin Language Master LM6000 Special Edition talking dictionary. This item is becoming very rare and hard to find. When these were new, they were $400. This device not only is a talking dictionary, thesaurus, grammar guide, etc. but it does so much more. It has some awesome accessible games which everyone loves as well as confusables, classmates, and other tools to help out with words and grammar. This is completely accessible and has speech for everything. It has the ability to speed up and slow down the speech as well as volume, headphone jack, and a jack for an optional power adapter. This one is in great working and physical condition.

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Digital Rechargeable Headphone and Speaker Amplifier and Equalizer. Improve the Sound Quality and Volume of Your Headphones and Speakers With this Portable Device

Portable Audio Enhancer - Make Everything You Listen To Sound Extraordinary
Whatever you listen to, whatever you listen through, this small portable rechargeable device adds vivid definition to your sound and creates a truly immersive listening experience. It brings sound back to life like never before, with processing that optimizes any audio content to deliver a richer world of detail and enjoyment for music, movies, and more.
Supercharge Your Audio Devices - Plugs in via 3.5mm connection
Make your free or inexpensive earbuds sound like premium earphones, and your premium headphones sound off-the-charts amazing.
•For speakers simply connect a 3.5mm audio cable (not included) and this device makes your speaker fill the room with punchier bass, enhanced clarity and wider soundstage.
•Plug into your car stereo via audio connection for the easiest way to upgrade your car's audio system.
•Selectable Listening Modes - Press and hold the Button for a couple of seconds to hear the difference
Flip the switch on the side to turn on boost mode or leave it off for Bypass mode - Normal audio, no processing applied.
First is boom mode - First level of enhancement, delivers increased volume, bass, high frequency clarity, and stereo separation. Second is •BOOST mode - second level of enhancement Delivers dramatically increased volume, bass, high frequency clarity, and stereo separation.
Press the button quickly to enter/exit BOOST mode.
Artfully Engineered Audio Processing
•Psychoacoustic Bass sculpts low end frequency response to create a fuller and richer listening experience
•High Frequency Contouring provides definition and clarity in the music, bringing out amazing detail and instrumentation like you never heard before
•Sound Field Expansion creates an incredible sense of immersion by widening the stereo field
Product Features
•Psychoacoustic audio processing that dramatically increases bass response, definition, and overall clarity
•Compatible with headphones, portable speakers, car stereos, and other audio devices that use 3.5 mm plug connectors Selectable listening modes: bypass, BOOM, & BOOST
•Audio Input: connects to audio players via attached 3.5 mm cable
•Audio Output: connect directly to headphones with 3.5 mm plug, or car stereos and portable speakers via an audio cable (not included).

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Soak and Soothe Massage Foot Spa With Two Massage Modes

You love getting a pedicure because those foot and leg massages are AMAZING, but you don't love having to schlep to the salon or the price tag attached. Save time and money by pampering your feet at home with one of these Soak 'n' Soothe Massaging Heat Foot Spa's.
You'll get all the benefits offered by massage with none of the hassles (no need for awkward small talk—you can just read your book in peace). So sit back and chill out as this foot spa increases circulation, relieves muscle pain, and relaxes exhausted feet; when you're all done, its compact design allows for easy, no-frustration storage, so you can keep that feel good vibe going.
•Polishing Tray
•Massaging Nodes
•Pinpoint Nodes
•Massage Selector
•Useful tray for nail polishing or pedicure
•Concentrating massage node for pinpoint relaxing
•Relaxing muscles in feet
•Two massage settings

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