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Boombot Rugged Water Resistant Portable Bluetooth Speaker With Belt Clip, Large 50mm Driver, Voice Assistant Activation, and Microphone for SpeakerPhone

Take to the outdoors with the Boombot Portable Bluetooth Speaker. It's an ultra-portable speaker with new features including a microphone and voice control, and is stacked with technology. Featuring a single 50mm full fidelity driver, this speaker can crank up to 95+ decibels in Bluetooth mode. A built-in equalizer monitors the frequencies being played to significantly reduce distortion and create a clear, full range sound. Furthermore, this outdoor speaker features water-resistant construction. With a built-on clip, Boombots can strap onto a backpack or your bike with a handlebar mount. Your new speaker comes with a drop-tested, ruggedized ABS Shell.
This ultra portable speaker has evolved. With new features including a microphone and voice control, this model is stacked with technology not found in devices that are even twice the price. This impressive little speaker maintains the original Japanese urban vinyl inspiration with acoustic technology in a truly portable package. This speaker wirelessly connects via Bluetooth to smartphones, tablets and laptops. It can also be hard-wired to just about any audio player using the included 3.5mm audio cable. The speaker is rechargeable, loud, and durable enough to withstand the abuse of your lifestyle guaranteed.
Product information
Product Dimensions
3 x 5 x 6 inches 
Item Weight
0.48 ounces 
Up to 10 hours of battery life
•Powerful 50mm audio driver delivers incredible sound
•Pairs with Bluetooth-enables devices such as smartphones, tablets, computers and more
•Built in music controls and microphone
•Functions as a speakerphone letting you pick up or reject your calls with the push of a button
•Integrated Siri/Voice Control - Pick up or reject your calls with the push of a button
•Ruggedized, high-impact ABS housing
•IP53 certified water resistant for use in damp environments (non-submersed)
•Medical-grade rechargeable battery
•Free downloads Boombotix SYNC app (iOS) lets your pair with your friends
What's in the box
Boombot wireless bluetooth ultra portable rechargeable speaker
Micro USB charging cable
3.5mm audio cable

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Maxell Portable Bluetooth Speaker With 20 Hours of Battery Life, Built In Power Bank For Charging Other Devices, Zippered Travel Pouch, Built In Microphone, and Amazing Sound

This Maxell Portable Bluetooth Speaker has a Built in Power Bank. Just plug your mobile device’s charging cable into the speaker’s USB port and get an extra charge of power when you’re away from home. The small flat design allows for easy transport and has a built-in microphone for hands-free phone calls. This Mini Board connects with mobile phones, computers, tablets, iPods or any other Bluetooth devices. The NFC technology allows for one touch pairing and the radiator technology provides a deep clean bass.
•Up to 20 hours of playtime
•Built-In Powerbank to charge your device while on-The-Go
•Small, flat design allows for Easy transport
•Built-in microphone for hands-free phone calls
•NFC technology for one touch pairing
•Maxell Portable Bluetooth Speaker
Micro USB Charging cable
Zippered Travel Pouch
3.5mm Audio cable

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Portable Rechargeable Bluetooth Cube Speaker With 16 Hours of Play Time, Wireless Conductive Charging Base, 1800 mAh Built-In Power Bank, 3.5mm Audio Port, Touch Controls, and Awesome Sound

This awesome bluetooth speaker is the incredible follow up to Bem’s critically acclaimed mobile speaker. By adding a conductive charging base, it’s even easier to charge your speaker! The base doubles as an 1800 mAh power bank to double your play time or recharge your mobile devices! Combine that with the added mic/speakerphone function and the incredible audio, you’ve got a portable speaker with a whole lot of features!
•Easy charging with conductive charging base
•Charging base doubles as portable 1800mAh powerbank for charging mobile devices
•Plays music up to 16 hours without needing a charge
•Passive speaker for incredible bass response
•Microphone for speaker phone function
•Compact: Slightly smaller than a tennis ball
•Touch-sensitive buttons for super easy operation
•Dimensions: 2.5" x 2.5" x 2.5"
•40 ft. of working wireless range
•Aux In and Out & micro USB
•Bluetooth 4.0 with auto pairing
Included In The box
•1x Mobile speaker
•1x Charging base / Power Bank
•1x 3.5 mm auxiliary cable
•1x Micro-USB cable
•1x USB AC wall adapter

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Braven Super Rugged and Waterproof Stereo Bluetooth Wireless Speaker With Carry Strap, 3.5mm Audio Jack, and Built-In Power Bank for Charging Other Devices

The BRAVEN is an ultra-rugged portable speaker with 12 hours of playtime and a built-in power bank to charge your smartphone on the go. An IPX7 waterproof rating and shockproof construction keeps your speaker safe from the elements and mishaps. The included Action Mount accessory is compatible with GoPro mounting systems so you can listen to your music when snowboarding; mountain biking; or paddle boarding.
Product information
•Twin, full-range drivers and a passive radiator
•Mount with 1/4 thread screw holes & GoPro-compatible mount
•Thermoplastic housing with reinforced aircraft grade aluminum
•Titanium tie down bars enable loop and hang functionality
•Mic for speakerphone capability
•Waterproof rating: IPX7 (safe for 1 meter of submersion for 30 minutes)
•Controls: Volume, Skip track (forward and backward), Pause/Resume, Answer/End call
•Speaker power: 4Ω, 5W (each)
•2200mAh internal battery
•Charges .3A - 1A devices
•Playtime: 12 hours
•Charges in 2-3 hours
What’s in the Box?
1x Speaker
1x GoPro Mount adapter with hardware
1x carry Strap
1 x micro USB charging cable
1 x 3.5mm audio cable
User's guide
Product Dimensions
6 x 3.5 x 2.1 inches 
Item Weight
1.2 pounds

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Karaoke Singing Machine System With Microphone, Audio Tuning, CD Player, 3.5mm Input, and RCA Connections

Get your karaoke on with the Singing Machine Karaoke System in black and silver. This system has a 3.5-inch, color LCD monitor and built-in speakers, so you and the family can sing along to every hit. Concerned about embarrassing singing? Don't worry, this system has automatic voice control, an echo feature, music-microphone balance control, master volume control, digital key control, and pitch control to distract your audience from any singing imperfections.
This karaoke system has a video and audio output jack, so you have the option to plug the system into a TV too. It comes with one microphone, but the system has the capability to support 2 microphones.
•3.5" LCD Color Monitor
•Plays CD/CD+GB
•Echo and balance control
•Auto voice control (AVC)
•RCA output jackts to connect to your TV for scrolling lyrics (TV not included)
•Input jack for iPod or MP3 player (Aux-in) (iPod, MP3 player or cord not included)
•2 Microphone Jacks
•Built-in speaker

Condition: Manufacturer refurbished

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Philips Fidelio On Ear Stereo Headphones With Apple iOS Lightning Connector for All Apple Lightning Devices. Includes Built In Digital Amplifier and Carry Pouch

These Philips Headphones deliver Fidelio's signature sound in high resolution directly to your iOS device, without distortion or crosstalk, thanks to a Lightning connector and built-in DAC. Enjoy pristinely detailed sound anywhere, in style.
High Resolution Sound
•40mm drivers/closed-back
•Deluxe memory foam cushions
•Flat folding
Optimized Lightning connector for iOS devices
The Philips Fidelio is fitted with a Lightning connector, which supplies a pure digital signal directly to the headphones. Keeping the signal digital helps to reduce crosstalk interference and improves stereo separation.
Enjoy high resolution audio on iOS devices
The Philips Fidelio lets you enjoy 24-bit 48kHz high resolution audio format streamed from your iOS device via the Lightning connector. These ensure the ultimate listening experience, revealing every detail just as the artist intended.
Integrated DAC and amp for high resolution music anywhere
The digital-to-analog converter (DAC) integrated into the Philips Fidelio gives you the freedom and mobility to enjoy your high resolution music anytime, anywhere. No hassles with lugging extra gear when you’re out and about.
Optimized 40mm neodymium drivers for pure authentic sound
Each speaker driver is carefully hand picked, tuned and tested before being paired to ensure the most balanced natural sound. The 40mm drivers utilize high power neodymium magnets to deliver true high definition sound in a wide dynamic range, reproducing even the most minute details.
Acoustically sealed to keep sound details in, noise out
The Fidelio headphone features an acoustic seal that’s a specially designed ribbon lock built into the internal chamber, which eliminates any unnecessary sound leakage and preserves sound details. Not only do you get excellent bass extension, but also immersive enjoyment of every superb detail of your music, without environmental disturbances.
Bass Reflex System delivers clear, dynamic and balanced bass
The headphone’s acoustic closed-back architecture features a Bass Reflex System that essentially comprises ear-shells with strategically placed vents. These regulate the air pressure within the internal chamber, providing the diaphragm with a controlled environment for optimal acoustic response. Working in conjunction with the acoustic seal capture, every natural sound detail is isolated and precise and dynamic bass is delivered, without any compromising on sound clarity.
Frequency response tuned to discerning listeners' preference
Extensive research was done with discerning music lovers to gain insight to their listening preferences – for example, the optimal balance of sound characteristics that they favor. Our acoustic engineers then tuned the Fidelio to take into account all the minute details that affect how listeners discern sound, such as how the ear reflects sound and resonates in response. As a result, we engineered our headphones to reproduce sound that is as faithful to the original recording as possible - including current recording styles.
Deluxe memory foam cushions for an ergonomic fit
The materials used for the Fidelio have been carefully selected to ensure long-wearing comfort and enhanced sound performance. Memory foam earpads with breathable materials disperse pressure and heat build-up, so the Fidelio headphones feel and sound exceptional.
Includes Carry Pouch

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Andrea Noise Isolating Super Quality Binoral Stereo Plug and Play Earbuds. Great for Recording in 3D Stereo, Skype Calls, Voice Chats, Etc

This set of Andrea noise isolating earbuds record the user’s listening environment in 3D surround sound with the placement of Binaural Stereo Microphones on each ear piece of the earbud.
•The close proximity of the microphones to the user’s left and right ears create an acoustic “Real Head Transfer Function” effect. Sound arriving at each microphone in natural phase will duplicate ones’ own live listening experience. Earbud playback then delivers a realistic sound reproduction experience.
•With Andrea headsets, you can now have a portable recording studio right on your head with the ability to create hi-fidelity 3D virtual surround sound recordings where ever you may be. Great for Skype, voice chatting, games, online chats or calls, recording live music, live audio events, live entertainment, lectures or environmental soundscapes.
•Simply insert the noise isolating earbuds and plug into your compatible stereo recording device. The earbuds provides standard 3.5mm audio plugs, one for the microphones and the other for the headphone connections as well as a USB adapter to convert these 3.5mm plugs to use in a standard USB port on a computer. This enables you to listen to music through the earbuds while using the binaural mics with your video camera.
•For use with: Go Pro Hero3 (w/Mic adapter cable), DSLR cameras, camcorders, digital field recorders, Mac and PC computers, or any recording device with external 3.5mm bias powered stereo Mic input or a USB port.
Andrea headsets deliver Hi-Definition sound. Our unique integrated array microphone system is designed for use with Andrea’s patented beam forming and digital noise reduction audio software, providing “The Freedom of Voice”. Andrea also provides a new audio capture feature, enabling 3D surround sound recording!
Advantages of the new Andrea computer headsets:
1. Sleek “boom free” design with digital noise cancellation technology
2. Increased convenience, no need to constantly manually position boom microphone for proper close talking operation.
3. Look more natural during video chat with no boom in front of your mouth and the ability to eat and drink during conversation/chat operation.
Audio recorder with stereo input for 3D surround sound recording feature.
Compatible with: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows7 Windows 8, and windows 10. Apple: MAC OS X 10.5 and up.
What's in the box:
Set of Andrea noise isolating binoral earbuds

A variety of multiple size rubber ear tips

Hard Shell leather zippered carry case
3.5mm to USB adapter
3.5mm extension cable

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Digital Rechargeable Headphone and Speaker Amplifier and Equalizer. Improve the Sound Quality and Volume of Your Headphones and Speakers With this Portable Device

Portable Audio Enhancer - Make Everything You Listen To Sound Extraordinary
Whatever you listen to, whatever you listen through, this small portable rechargeable device adds vivid definition to your sound and creates a truly immersive listening experience. It brings sound back to life like never before, with processing that optimizes any audio content to deliver a richer world of detail and enjoyment for music, movies, and more.
Supercharge Your Audio Devices - Plugs in via 3.5mm connection
Make your free or inexpensive earbuds sound like premium earphones, and your premium headphones sound off-the-charts amazing.
•For speakers simply connect a 3.5mm audio cable (not included) and this device makes your speaker fill the room with punchier bass, enhanced clarity and wider soundstage.
•Plug into your car stereo via audio connection for the easiest way to upgrade your car's audio system.
•Selectable Listening Modes - Press and hold the Button for a couple of seconds to hear the difference
Flip the switch on the side to turn on boost mode or leave it off for Bypass mode - Normal audio, no processing applied.
First is boom mode - First level of enhancement, delivers increased volume, bass, high frequency clarity, and stereo separation. Second is •BOOST mode - second level of enhancement Delivers dramatically increased volume, bass, high frequency clarity, and stereo separation.
Press the button quickly to enter/exit BOOST mode.
Artfully Engineered Audio Processing
•Psychoacoustic Bass sculpts low end frequency response to create a fuller and richer listening experience
•High Frequency Contouring provides definition and clarity in the music, bringing out amazing detail and instrumentation like you never heard before
•Sound Field Expansion creates an incredible sense of immersion by widening the stereo field
Product Features
•Psychoacoustic audio processing that dramatically increases bass response, definition, and overall clarity
•Compatible with headphones, portable speakers, car stereos, and other audio devices that use 3.5 mm plug connectors Selectable listening modes: bypass, BOOM, & BOOST
•Audio Input: connects to audio players via attached 3.5 mm cable
•Audio Output: connect directly to headphones with 3.5 mm plug, or car stereos and portable speakers via an audio cable (not included).

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