Accessible 15,000 mAh Portable Power Bank With Audible Tones and Vibration Feedback Specifically for the Blind. Includes Tone and Vibration Mode, Vibration Mode Only and Reversible USB Ports

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This portable 15,000 mAh battery is a power bank specifically designed for the visually impaired.  It can be used to charge an array of digital devices including iPhones, iPads, iPods, Android smartphones and tablets, Bluetooth headsets, MP3 players, GPS, and more.
Indicator Features for the Visually Impaired:
Sound or vibration signal for battery level indication
Battery level at any instance is indicated in different sound or vibration patterns.
One to four tones and vibrations indicate the remaining power left in the battery. Fully charged, the battery will sound four tones and emit four vibrations. Each tone and vibration represents 25 percent with a total full battery with four tones being 100 percent to 75 percent full, three being 75 percent to 50 percent full, two being 50 percent to 25 percent full, and 1 being 25 percent or less.
All this can be easily checked by pressing the single button on top one time.
Output power connection confirmation
Sound and/or vibration signal to indicate successful connection between any of the USB outputs and the digital device being charged.
This will be indicated by two tones and vibrations sounding three times separated by several seconds between each sound. After three times, the battery is silent until another action is performed.
 Input power connection confirmation
Sound and/or vibration signal to indicate successful connection between the micro-USB input and the power source for charging
 This is indicated by a single tone and vibration sounding three times with several seconds between each sound. After three times, the battery will be silent until another action is performed.
Reversible USB output ports
User can easily connect any USB charging cable without worrying about the plug's orientation or the cable's direction.
The full sized USB end of your charging cable for your device will go in no matter which way you have it turned. You will never have to worry again about which way you have the USB turned as it will go in the ports whichever way you have it turned. Imagine a USB port that acts like an Apple lightning port where there is no right or wrong way in which to plug in the USB plug. This is a major innovation in USB plugging.
 Optional sound and vibration alert modes
Easily switch between sound and vibration modes by simply pressing a single button.
Press and hold down the single button on top of the battery to switch back and forth from tones and vibration to vibration only. Use it in vibration only mode to be able to discretely check the battery level without alerting or disturbing anyone around you. Perfect for areas where quiet is a must, or when you find yourself in a loud crowded area where tones cannot be heard. Instead, feel the vibrations rather than try and hear the tones. Perfect for any environment or situation you find yourself in.
 Tactile marks
This accessible power bank is marked with raised-dots for easy accessibility.
The full sized USB ports used to charge your devices are marked with two raised dots and also when plugging in a device to charge, the battery emits two tones that corresponds with the two tactile raised dots.
The micro USB port used to charge the power bank is marked with a single raised dot and therefore, emits a single tone when plugged in to correspond with the single raised dot.
Leading-edge Technical Features
This accessible power bank is loaded with leading-edge charging technologies and features, bringing users a fast yet safe charging experience.
With 15,000 mAh of power, you can go days without ever having to charge this power bank. Charge an iPhone up to 4 or 6 times, an iPad 2 times, and various other combinations.
Beautiful modern sleek and stylish design that looks as great as it functions. Style and functionality define this amazing power bank with a glossy hard plastic finish on the top and bottom with a brushed hard plastic trim around the side. Extremely lightweight for its capacity and a minimal size that will easily fit in a pocket, purse, jacket pocket, bag, etc.
Dual USB ports provide the ability to charge two devices at once as well as charging higher amp devices like iPads, tablets, etc. It is easy to see, that this portable power bank has it all. One of the most innovative and definitely the most accessible portable power banks anywhere in the world and on the market.
Includes a nice velvet drawstring carry pouch and a micro USB charging cable to charge the battery and can be flipped around to charge any other micro USB device. Use your other devices own cables to charge devices that ar not micro USB.

Dimensions: 5 and a half inches long, 2 3/4 inches wide, and less than an inch thick

Weight: 10 ounces

Condition: Brand new in box

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by David Beckett, 08/01/2018

I have recently purchased one of these Power Banks.

I think they are Amazing!

I would recommend this product, to any visually impaired person, who would like to have full accessibility, and independence, with the use of a Power Bank.

Also, let me say, that the customer service, is Excellent!. 10 out of 10.

Reviewed by Maria Chapman, 08/01/2018

HI.  I am very happy with this product.  The quality of the powerbank feels very sturdy, and it works as advertised.  I will probably buy a second one of these eventually. Great product. 

Reviewed by Jordan Gallacher, 04/22/2018

I have two of these, and they are great. They charge devices quickly and hold their charge well. I have had one that I usually carry with me that I only charged once, and it is just within the past couple weeks lost some charge. It is nice that these make it possible to tell the batter status, which I wish more batteries would do. I ran into a situation today where no matter what I did, my phone was having trouble charging using my wireless charging pad and also if I plugged it in. I got out the second of two of these batteries, and the phone went from 26% to 66% in less than an hour. I would recommend these batteries highly.

Reviewed by Joshua Hendrickson, 09/01/2017

This battery is awesome!! I really like that when I need to recharge my cell phone or victor stream that is easy to do. Just push the button to check the power in the battery and plug in your device that needs recharging. It is so nice to receive instant feedback and to know without any doubt that your device is recharging as it should. I'd recommend these chargers to any friend of mine. I even told a sighted person about my charger and he asked where he could get one.

Reviewed by gracie, 08/16/2017

 this is an excellent product… With durability, power, and quality all wrapped in one.
  Worth every penny, and the accessibility can't be beat.