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4 Port 40 Watt USB Wall Charger With Foldable Prongs and High Amperage Quick Charge Support

In this day and age there are so many devices or phones that need to be charged. Any household can have multiple chargeable devices per person, which makes charging outlets prime real estate. Never fight over charging rights in your home again with this 4-port USB charger. Featuring a universal design that fits both Android and Apple products, it's perfect for phones, tablets, cameras, MP3 players, and more. And if you need to hit the road on a family vacation, just pack it up to go because it's perfectly portable. A must-have product!
• Includes a USB chargers with 4 ports
• 4-port USB design
• Perfect for phones, cameras, tablets, MP3 Players, Bluetooth speakers and headphones, Book Readers, and more
• 40 Watt wall charger
• Universal compatibility
• Quick charger
• Portable, ideal for travel or home
• High efficiency and low energy consumption
• Simply plug your devices' USB cable (not included) into the 4 port USB Wall Adapter.

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Logitech Super Slim and Spill Proof Rechargeable Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard With Protective Cover and Long Battery Life

If it's not a computer, then it's not very easy to type on! Trust us, our big fingers and the built-in autocorrect has ruined our lives more than once. That's why we avoid that on-screen keyboard as much as we can. Instead, we type on our phone, tablet, and more with this keyboard. This keyboard is designed for use with smartphones and tablets, and features a sleek and lightweight design which makes it perfect for anyone on the go. It features well-spaced keys with feedback for typing comfort, Android shortcuts for productivity, and a 3-month battery life so you can keep typing longer. Plus, it connects via Bluetooth so you never have to worry about wires, and has a durable FabricSkin that wards off dirt, crumbs, and even spills. No matter where you go, make sure you're never at a loss for words by keeping this Logitech Ultra-Portable Bluetooth Keyboard close.
•You're going places, take a keyboard
This keyboard packs light, types comfortably and never leaves you at a loss for words.
•Exactly what you expect from a Logitech keyboard
Well-spaced keys offer feedback for comfort, while keyboard shortcuts help improve productivity.
•Ease of use
The keyboard connects wirelessly thanks to Bluetooth pairing and features a 3-month rechargeable battery so you can type without worrying about a dead battery. 
•Life gets messy. Wipe it clean
The durable FabricSkin wards off dirt, crumbs, and spills no matter where you are or what you do. 
Logitech bluetooth wireless keyboard
•Charging Cable
•Color: Dark Blue
•Compatibility: Bluetooth-compatible devices (Note: Shortcut keys are only for Android devices)
•Power Source: Rechargeable battery
•Battery Life: 3 months per charge (approx)
•Dimensions: 9.53" x 5.39" x 0.24" (L x W x H, Approx)
•Weight: 6.35 oz.

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True Wireless Water And sweat Resistant Bluetooth Noise Isolating Stereo Earphones With Mini Charging Case, Easy Grip Rubber Covering, Audio Prompts, Controls and Microphone, and Awesome Sound

Forget about paying $170 for Apple Airpods. These will blow you away and save you lots of dough in the process!
【No Wires, No Limits.
These earphones add latest TWS technology to make wireless stereo synchronous connection pairing come true. Without any cord troubles, you can enjoy sports and high-fidelity music to the fullest.
•【Simplified Setup
The cutting-edge technology of these stereo earbuds make connecting your devices effortless. The Bluetooth earbuds automatically connect when removed from the case and disconnect when returned to the case.
•【Enhanced wireless connection】
Roam further with extended Bluetooth range up to 49 feet without dropping the connection. Putting your cell phone in your backpack, pants pocket, or far away, it doesn't affect the connection of the wireless earbuds.
•【Charging Case】
Equipped with a small and portable 500 mAh battery charging case, it can charge the wireless earbuds up to 3 times. You can enjoy up to 2.5 hours continuous music time after fully charged.
How To Pair. (Initial Setup or After Reset)
1.Take out the earbuds from the charging case, they automatically turn on and you will hear a voice prompt “Power on” from each of the earbuds. And then the earbuds connect each other first and you will hear “Your device is connected” in both earbuds. See NOTE
2.Activate the Bluetooth on your phone and select “HV-358”to pair. You will hear a voice prompt “Your device is connected” on you LEFT earbud ONLY. Now your device is connected successfully. You can play music or make a phone call.
The next time, the Bluetooth earbuds automatically connect when removed from the case and disconnect when returned to the case.
Note: If the earbud does not turn on automatically, tap the button on that particular earbud once.
How To Use
Play/Pause Music or Voice podcasts:
Tap the button on either of the earbuds once during playing.
Next Track:
Double Tap the button on the LEFT earbud when playing .
Answer or End a phone call: 
Tap the button on the LEFT earbud to answer the incoming call or end the call.
Reject the incoming call: 
Hold in on the button on either of the earbuds.
Activate Google or Siri voice assistant:
Double Tap the button on the RIGHT earbud.
Charge the earbuds:
Put the earbuds into the charging case and earbuds will automatically power off and start to charge.
*Reset the paring: 
If the earbuds could not connect to each other, you can reset them to repair this. After turning on the earbuds, Double tap either button quickly. The LEFT and RIGHT earbuds will pair with each other and the blue and red indicators will flash for 10 seconds. You will hear the voice prompt “Your device is connected” after they are paired.
•【What You Get
True Wireless noise isolating Earphones
Charging Case
3 sets of different size EarTips
Micro USB charging Cable

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Bluetooth Noise Isolating Stereo Earphones With Sweat and Water Resistance, Ear Hooks to Hold in Place, Carry Case, and Awesome Sound

These bluetooth stereo earphones meet all of your expectations plus more. First off, the range is great and you are able to walk approx 30 to 45 feet away before the connection starts to drop off. Next, the sound quality is balanced with great bass. Also, these headphones are made of very light material to the point that you really don't even tell they are on, yet they stay on so well even when physically active. In addition, there are 3 little buttons on the right headphone which allow you to increase/decrease volume and turn the earbuds on/off which is great because after connecting once to your phone, it begins to connect automatically after that as soon as you turn them on. Most importantly they are sweat proof.
Noise Cancellation Technology makes sure the unwanted sounds and background noise won’t get in, offers incredible sound quality with deep bass and crystal clear treble. Whatever your taste in music, soundtracks, audio books, relaxing sounds and even techno music, they won’t let you down.
You can play/pause your music, adjust volume, and change tracks without reaching for your phone or tablet, also, you can answer a call from your friends or your family easily via the control button. Built- in mic enables hands-free calls while you’re listening to music.
Up to 6 hours play time (playtime varies according to volume level and audio content). With 150 hours standby time and 1 to 2 hours charging time. 95mAH battery capacity enables the headphones much longer usage time.
SWEATPROOF - Say Goodbye to Sweat-Damage! Protected by Liquipel Nano coating your earbuds withstand sweaty workouts and will survive accidental dropping into water - perfect for Sports or training!
different size earbuds and built in attached earhooks are provided to ensure a comfortable and secure fit for everyone, and save you from the frequent falling off situations.

What's in the box:

Bluetooth Stereo earphones with ear hooks

multiple size rubber ear tips

hard shell zippered carry case

micro USB charging cable

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