Professional Grade counterTop Water Flosser With Adjustable Pressure, 3 Interchangable Nozzles, Bonus Tongue Scraper, and Audible 30 Second Alerts

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It's just like dental flossing. Only better.
This professional-grade countertop oral irrigator is a real standout in the market of
smart water flossers. It delivers all the dental benefits of flossing, while adding a few to the
list that traditional string floss never even considered. It outputs a variable-speed water
jet that reaches deep between teeth and below the gumline - areas your good-old
string floss can't even reach - for a more effective and less abrasive flossing experience.
The clinically proven result is a cleaner, fresher mouth and healthier gums in just 14 days.
•Unique Water Pressure & Pulsations Clean Deep Between Teeth & Below Gumline
What's in the Box?
Professional grade Countertop Water Flosser
Power Adapter
3 Interchangeable Nozzles
1 BONUS Tongue Scraper
1 Hard Shell Case Included
Specs Specs & Details
Measures: 6.8" x 6" x 9"
Weigh: in at 1.8 lbs.
Pressure Level: 10 Water Pressure Levels
Power: Powerful 0-90 PSI Range
Timer: Auto Timer + Beep Alert
Intuitive Handle & Nozzle Specs
How to Enjoy
1. Clean and floss first before using the water flosser.
2. Adjustable Water Pressure Features Range of 0 to 90 PSI w/1400 Pulses per Minute
3. 2-Minute Auto Timer Emits Audible Alarm at 30 Second Intervals for Even Flossing
4. Nozzle Rotates 360° to Reach all Areas of Mouth; Switch on Handle Controls Flow
5. The electric flosser is especially helpful for cleaning around bridges and crowns.
6. The mouth feels clean and refreshed afterwards.

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